Sunday, March 1, 2009


Artist: T-Pain
Song: “Can’t Believe It
Rating: B+

T-Pain is the world’s most hated clown. The top hat hood inarguably soiled the current hip-hop market by reintroducing Auto-Tune, that computer program that can make just about anyone pitch-perfect (only at the cost of a little soul.) I kind of detest T-Pain for having had such an influence on the best rappers of present-day (Kanye and Lil’ Wayne, there is no others) and he is an artist of the R&B, a genre I’ll probably never enjoy. BUT the guy knows how to make a good video. And the day will come when Auto-Tune just ain't what it used to be.

I bet T-Pain made this song thinking ‘Damn this is a good song to sip bubbly/Cris to.’ The scenes barely pause, which can cheapen the value of the images but this video has a pleasurable effervescing effect in that regard; not exactly original concepts in this world operated by hard drives. But at least T-Pain is trying out some different artists, some different visions.

As he promises his lovely lady a world of materials and other assorted goods, the viewer sails through a fantasy world of starry nights and white-hot automobiles. And Wiscansin. As far as I’m concerned, I’m having a much better time taking a ride through this wonderworld than I would be just chilling around in your average R&B video, with color-coordinated backdrops and lounging honeys rolling around looking sexy or shirtless shots of the fine-as-hell artist (which T-Pain is not.)