Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Slick heart-aches & Sordid hair-cuts

BAND: Foals
SONG: Cassius

Let’s dissect, you and I.
This is the video for post-punk nerdlings Foals’ catchiest single, “Cassius.” It’s a video that features the gang playing around in nothingness, dancing and flag-waving and playing with pills. Pretty random, but not necessarily new.
-For that, subtract one letter: A-1=B

Then there are the colorfully gross hearts swinging ever so daintily from a string. These ugly little metaphors buzz throughout the video, and while you wish they’d go away, I think their presence really makes this video effective. Maybe I need to get out more I can’t quite say I’ve seen something so grotesquely gripping as those strung-up hearts in a while.
-For that, add half-a-letter: B+(+)=B+

Lead vocalist Yannis Philikappis has a really terrible haircut and we are subject to him and his blackened gelled curve just too often. You want to reach through your monitor and punch him in the face.
-For that, subtract one letter: B+-1=C+

Finally, the video just doesn’t really fit my idea of cool factor. I am not left with any kind of desire to watch this video again.
-For that, subtract half-a-letter: C+-(+)= C

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