Thursday, August 30, 2007

Reflection on "Web 2.0"

The day a person becomes defined by Craiglist will be a sad day indeed.
But I feel convinced that that day will never occur in society. It's hard to imagine that someone would honestly believe that culture is becoming diluted by an "abundance" of authors. In the mind of author Andrew Keen, there is no longer a way to declare a blog entry insightful or worthless. Keen thinks society will no longer be able to decipher Monet from MSPaint, so to say. Media has not reached the technological extent where it can simply render shit into something valued. There is no doubt that there is an exponential amount of pretentiousness and emptiness in the billions of words in the millions of blogs, but it's suprising that Keen refuses to see that there are many among our society who are educated enough to see through the vanity and see work that's insightful and meaningful, art that is practiced and unique, voices that have been well-thought out enough to deserve being heard.

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