Thursday, August 30, 2007

Reflections on "The Cult of the Amateur"

Once again, it seems that Andrew Keen is repeating his belief that Wikipedia and Digg will be the sites that bring the downfall of man. Does Keen even associate himself with an educated crowd? Wouldn't he have figured by now that the majority of the educated (if not of all internet users) have forever conddemned Wikipedia as a simple playground where morons can go and shift and shape history however they please? Does he truly not understand that there is specific criteria taught throughout grades 6-12 to define what makes a website trustworthy and what makes it empty of useful knowledge? Why would any person who had at least attended a semester of online community college leave it up to Digg to determine what was important?
Facts have not yet been abandonded, and it's unlikely that Wikipedia, as condemned as it is, will be responsible for it's toppling. No one is looking to morons telling us about the minute details of their life in a day-to-day setting to replace actual entertainment, to replace a newspaper or a news report. No obese thirtysomething living in a Cheetos-encrusted environment (which he leaves three times a day) will replace our beloved smiling news anchor. If there even is any truth left in the media at all, then people certianly won't look to the common blogger to become their source of information.

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