Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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Artist: Animal Collective
Song: “My Girls”
Rating: B

Pleasantly colorful, even with the hackneyed iPod commercial tendencies, the first video for Animal Collective’s recent instant-classic Merriweather Post Pavilion is a pleasant example of the aural translated into the visual.

Aquatics abound! Mood ring landscapes! And those next-gen Rolling Stones’ lips…it’s a well-packaged serving of eye candy. It’s a must-watch on any stoner’s “To Do While High” list, following a listening session of the album itself.

There’s a great deal of talk on how this band will influence the next decade in music, and I believe it. There really never has been a band like Animal Collective, and there really isn’t anything like their music out now. And yet as transcendental as it may be, I appreciate this music for the simplicity exercised in it’s meaning: They just want four walls and adobe slats for their “girls”, their daughters. This a band of dads, remember.

So I suppose I should say I should be happy with the fairly simple concept of this video, but what we see here pales in comparison to the images conjured behind closed eyes during a simple listening session. I know that as an “indie” band, Animal Collective will never see the kinds of financial resources necessary for ahead-of-the-curve directors to play out the canvases of their hyper-minds on video.

Don’t get me wrong; a dance-party on the edge of the universe is cool. It's just not “A” material.

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