Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Recessed Memories

Artist: Pavement
Song: “Major Leagues”
Rating: B+

When I think about the end of the summer, I think about miniature golf and guitar and the hammy mug of Steven Malkmus! It’s a recipe for a Pavement coordinated an ideal bummer smoothie here. The stock footage invokes nostalgia, a common ailiment in Americans over the age of 16 these days. But hell, isn’t that what Malkmus is singing about? Bring on the Major Leagues! The big time! The next step. Growing up is inevitable so why not just accept it with a goofy grin- you are still allowed to be goofy and joke about what an asshole your boss/partner/probation officer is. I guess I didn’t give this video an A because I m a little uncomfortable at the sight of rock-humping. Yeah, I understand that he’s just being goofy Stephen, trying to climb up a flat rock but it’s really not working for this pompous manchild.

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