Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's about funky, smelly people

Artist: Del The Funkee Homosapien
Song: “If You Must”
Rating: D-

I don’t know if Del’s trying out for the Plain-Faced Respectable Video Channel or what’s going on in this video but there’s one thing that it establishes within 30 seconds: this video is horrible.
It’s a combination of boring and confusing while being one of those infuriating videos that “kind of” sets up a story but everyone just runs around and acts wacky and nothing gets established and everyone goes home disappointed, realizing they weren’t being creative, just childish and subsequently shallow.

Del’s lips don’t even come close to synchronizing with the lyrics. Del’s geek posse shows off some “retro-rad” break dancing moves from 1995 (this video dropped in 2000 for the historians out there, so yeah my insult sticks). The only bit of this whole thing that appeals to me at all is the plaster monstrosity that drops in at the halfway mark. I laughed at the sight of that thing and you will too.

I guess my biggest problem with this video is the simple fact that SO MUCH COULD’VE BEEN DONE AND SO MUCH WAS WASTED. You drop some great rhymes, but drop a couple of dollars and get someone who graduated from junior high to put together all future videos.

FAKE UPDATE: Oh, you got some college super-senior's project? Almost there Del.

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