Saturday, December 13, 2008

Clay & Fire

Artist: Bloc Party
Song: “One Month Off”
Rating: F

What is Bloc Party trying to say here? I’m struggling with this one just a bit too much for my own good.

Is the band unhappy about militarism encroaching culture? Or, conversely, are they making a statement about the consequences dealt in a fairy tale lifestyle?
Then there’s the obvious answer: maybe they just get a kick out of burning down Ray Harryhausen’s unsettling world of clay.

Go to town, I say. But be a little stylish about it; no shitty clip-on explosions and “vaporizations” please. It’s unlikely any clay animator will ever be able to capture the Harryhausen’s aesthetic (the ghastly Hansel and Gretel skeletons attest to this), so why not just hire clay animators to make a similar clay world?

In the probable case of a reasonable budget, it would’ve been better just to go with simple animation, seriously, because Harryhausen’s world simply was not built to be kicked down so easily. Half this video is footage of trees and forests and other nice things digitally aflame, but even when we are treated to some crafty images of fairytale carnage, it looks sloppy. Little Miss Moppet getting fragged is the visual equivalent of a gut punch and the castle carpet bombing is the knee to the face.

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