Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Top Vids of '08: #3

Any decent blog has to have some kind of "Best-Of-Year" list. Never wanting to be a blog that strays from the beaten path, I bring you...


Artist: Kanye West
Song: “Flashing Lights
Rating: A

I know how frustrating this video is, being that it ends on a cliff hanger, cuts off before the end of the song and will come off as boring to some, especially when compared to other ultra-creative works that came out this year. But when this gorgeousness dropped, all I could say was “Damn Ye.”

Its honey and sugar cinema, flowing gorgeously with West’s flow and hey, the cinematography is pretty great too. It’s inspired my own abduction-by-centerfold fantasies too; who wouldn’t mind getting kidnapped by va-va-voom honeys? Rita here is my video vixen of the year.

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