Sunday, November 18, 2007

The beginning of new blog era for me

I suppose I'm just not meant for this online writing surface.
There's much to talk about. The life of Erik Myers is one filled with constant thrills and amazement and good feelings and masturbatory awards. So why is it so hard to blog about?
And why is it so hard to find something to blog about? I've been reflecting on my past few blogs, and they've just been geniunely horrible: sloppily written and no real attempt at depth. And what's worse, it'll still be floating around the web once I try to make my leap from college to the real world, and my employers will decide to make a routine web run to try and find some dirt on me, some reasoning as to why I should not be hired at their esteemed newspaper/magazine/supermarket, and they'll come across my little corner of shame built out of cyberspace and that's all they'll ever need.
Okay, so let's talk about my video of the day. Maybe that's what I can blog about: a new music video for every day that I can bother logging on! I love music, and I love music videos, and now with the advent of YouTube, I can go and link them on my blog and then talk about the video and the song, and how much I love them and why.

BAND: Datarock
SONG: The New Song

Wow, footage from the fifties! And unironically shitty backgrounds and fuzz effect and costuming! The sarcasm couldn't get any better, but I'm gonna go for it with as many apostrophies (SPELLING) as possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You know, for a badass song, this is quite the shitty video. What's worse; everytime I hear The New Song, I'll think of this shitty horrible video. I can understand why artists might not bother to put much effort into their music videos anymore, now that MTV doesn't bother playing music videos anymore and the only stations that do are on supreme cable or whatever it is called. Yeah, I can understand that, but man, this video is just really terrible, like, bad band from 1989 bad. Like, this is the kind of music video Devo would put out after they stopped coming out with good music, and if memory serves me correctly it was right around 1989 so the circle evens itself out. I'm expecting better from you Datarock next time we meet.

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