Wednesday, November 21, 2007


After months of warm November weather that would be considered pleasant if it were not for the terrifying connection to global warming, all of our fears have finally been covered up, if you will, by that magnificent white blanket. Truly, there’s nothing like the first snow of the season, especially when you wake up to a wild white world. This is what foreigners think of when they hear of Colorado.

Video of the Day:
BAND: Folk Implosion
SONG: Natural One

You’ve got to give props to the band for putting out a super-chill lo-fi song that’s pretty much forces images of dark hookah parlors and long skinny airheads slowly making out with their skinny stoned girlfriends. The plastic animals, bobbing their head in tune with the song, make for a cool touch. And the apathetic singing might usually make a viewer feel cheated, but every now and then it is incredibly appropriate, and this song is one example. The trippy images are heavy and, for the most part, unexpected. The one problem I have with this video is has that feel of sunshiny grit it has to it…this is a consistent theme you’ll see in alternative rock music videos in the 1990s: Beck, Soul Coughing, Tool…hell, even in a few Nirvana videos.
But, this video somewhat strays from that norm, at least I think it does. The astronauts on the dirt and the spinning rustic toys are the only aspects that remind me of that sunshine grit (that is my copyrighted term by the way; I just can’t find the stupid fucking tiny circle-c symbol). When we cut to the growing grass or the mopey lead singer with a bad haircut, we deviate from the norm, and I like it. Still, not original or groundbreaking enough to get anything above my ranking.

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