Friday, November 23, 2007

Is Bush-hating passe?

Is it necessarily bad for one to openly announce hatred when making an argument?
Peter Berkowitz thinks so.
In his article, Berkowitz points out that a powerful passion such as hatred blurs one’s perspective, which means logic can sometimes be lost in when we assign a particular figure to an element of evil. Bush is widely and wildly hated throughout the entire world, arguably more so than any United States president ever before.
He represents the quintessential elitist, who consistently favors business over the environment, war over communication, creating his vision of the world regardless of those who see it differently. While there are many among the population who loudly and proudly declare him evil, very few give him their vocal support. As Republican candidates make their cases for the 2008 presidency, they work to keep the President within arm’s length.
In my own opinion, it’s become somewhat cliché to hate the President because, really, everyone else is doing it.
Bush (alongside his administration) is the worst president this country has ever seen, in terms of the damage he has done to everything we hold this country to be. Frankly, I hate him, and won’t hesitate in answering otherwise.
So though I can’t relate, I tend to think Berkowitz tends to make quite a valid argument.
When a government is overthrown by its own people, who takes up the position of power? Just from a quick glance at history, its obvious that more often than not, effectively cruel and “evil” (so to say) leaders take the reigns from a wildly hated leader, backed by millions supporting the downfall of their prior oppressor. Not to say that the present-day American society will desperately support someone who could ultimately be worst than Bush, but my example just acts as a case-in-point.
Anyway, Berkowitz makes his argument much more clearly than I can, but I think that one other point that I’d make is that as humans, it’s some kind of difficult not to get passionate about issues that affect the world we live in, especially when they affect us directly.
Like Pat Robertson! Fuck him.

Video of the day
BAND: Los Mono
SONG: Promesas

Wikipedia tells me these guys are the shit in Chile, and I don't doubt it. The song is catchy. The wacky shifting head is simple and obviously cheap, but it looks cool. The concept just gets old. He spends the entire video walking down the hallway with his cool head, a head that holds so much potential but is never ever utilized for whatever reason. I'd like to see this thing stroll off into the street, people don't even have to pay attention to it, I just want some goddamn change.

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