Tuesday, November 20, 2007

That Plunging Feeling

The cost was enormous, but I couldn’t help myself.
I gave in to my desires and gave up about $200 for a video game. I suppose it’s not that bad, compared to others who have surrendered hundreds more to those dreadful massive multiplayer online role-playing games, which have not only sucked up their funds, but their lives as well, damning most of them to a long sexless young adult tenure. I’m glad I haven’t fallen to that level of disrepair, but sometimes I worry I might be sliding ever so closely to it with each purchase of a video game or other object reeking of that indescribable geek scent.
But as of now, the descent has been worth it. The game is unbelievably fun, every single step of the way has just been enjoyable, and I haven’t even used the microphone or drums yet (the drums were a bitch to put together). Out of all of the games ever created, Rock Band easily has the best set list ever assembled. Seriously, all it’s missing is some Led Zeppelin and maybe a Rage Against The Machine song or perhaps an indie rock song or two…I’d go with Arcade Fire or Minus the Bear or maybe The Go, but they are a generation of rock that ought to have been acknowledged, even if they aren’t as awesome as Queens of the Stone Age or The Hives or the Red Hot Chili Peppers (Dani California was a good pick, as Stadium Arcadium really was one of the biggest let downs of my life).
So, here’s to five-starring songs and struggling to balance all the other shit floating in the air above me right now, especially that huge fucking cloud I acknowledge as my “election series” articles. So, lets all hope that I get all that done and still manage to have fun and still manage to get laid after all of it.

Video of the Day
BAND: Gym Class Heroes
SONG: The Queen And I

See, when I hear this song, I’m not sure what to expect. The girl talked about in the song sounds like a bitch, but then so does the asshole whose “perspective” is being laid out in the song. I like the song, nice catchy line with great mainstream appeal, but I’m just not feeling this whole video so much.
Eh, it’s kind of different in the way the story is told. I mean, its not like we’ve never seen the whole story book take, but I will say that it has been a while. Production values are alright, the characterization is pretty good (who doesn’t hate that make-up caked crown-wearing woman?) But if you watch this video and feel like something’s missing, then you’d be right. Something is missing, and I say its special effects.
Sorry for offering up such a crappy complaint, but that’s my take. This music video serves smoother cinematography than what people usually expect though, and the ending is pretty good, so I decided to add the plus to that unforgettable mark of mediocrity.

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